Communicate • Contact • Control

LoopFX is a seamless, fully-integrated and voice-interactive customer communications service, specifically designed to fit any business communications need.

Engineered as a robust communications engine to easily adapt to any trade or operation that manages a customer base, we customize your communications content to uniquely accommodate any contact demand.

Survey, notify, remind, update and manage customers directly with the most advanced Interactive Voice Recording communications tool available—while also triggering simultaneous emails, text messaging and direct print mail to complete the customer management contact cycle.

The LoopFX API activates your customer data as the driving force behind all messaging, while consolidating contemporary methods of communication to eliminate any need for multiple contact systems or costly overhead.

With a consistent ability to meet client time-sensitive communication demands, we help businesses of any size to command the strength of our automation, and give you complete control over customer data management, tracking, and reporting.

Harness the power of simplicity,
and empower your business with LoopFX!

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